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Last weekend I was joined by the incredible Chris Dancy for a discussion around how we use our tools and apps to support our emotional well-being.

We both think of our tools more as emotional support vehicles than simply productivity tools.

As you know, I am an OG Notion fan girl and it's where I do all my reflection, project management, and action-taking. Chris dabbled with Notion, but ultimately landed in Airtable. Regardless of our different tool preferences, there are eerie similarities in how we've come to use them.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which tool you use...

What matters is that you have a way to reflect and notice your own emotional needs.

It has taken many, MANY years to learn how to work with my individual wiring.

I loved the way Chris set to stage to talk about neurodiversity and how it fits into a bigger picture conversation about wellness and emotional health.

He describes it as “the varied ways our brains handle the sensory input and behavioral output,” and goes on to mention the factors that influence neurodivergence — like genetics, trauma, and environment — and how it compares to what’s considered neurotypical.

Chris has some really interesting thoughts about using technology, understanding its role in our lives, and how it can be scaffolded to work with our neurodiversity — and some of his ideas can be a bit controversial 🤣 — but they led to an incredible conversation and I’m so excited to share it with you.

So nerdy and amazing 👇

Check out the Miro board Chris created for our conversation… it is incredible.

Miro Board

Chris sees technology and time in such a uniquely fascinating way, and he articulates it in ways that I’ve never heard before. He unpacks some pretty mind-boggling information about how we think about apps — and the way they can impact our sense of time… and anxiety.

I hope you enjoy!

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Alessandra Laurent
May 23rd 2021

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May 22nd 2021

Remember: If productivity is masking emotions, you may find yourself looking for another tool instead of sitting with a feeling that you don’t recognize or don't want to feel.

Processes are external manifestations of internal feelings.


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